Edly Helsinki has a logistics partner, Verkkologistiikka, that handles all our deliveries and returns. We offer following options for the delivery options. You can choose your shipment method between following options: 

Shipping within Finland: 

Delivery to pick up-point, Postipaketti, is 8 € and home delivery, Kotipaketti, is 10 €.


Pick up-point delivery, Lähellä-paketti, is 8 € and for home delivery, Kotijakelu, the fee is 10 €. 


The return and/or exchange is free of charge on all shipment options within Finland. 

Kindly note that leaving an order uncollected at a postal office or pick up-point does not count as a return. In this case, we will charge fully for the postal delivery costs and a fee of 15 EUR as a handing cost for the return.


 We ship within EU/Schengen with GLS and for international orders outside EU we ship with DHL. 

GLS shipping for EU/Schengen orders is 10 €. 

DHL shipping for international orders is 15 €. 

 For all international orders the return deposit is 10 €. 

For international orders that have not been picked up, we have the right to charge a fee of 25 € for our handling cost of the order and for the return cost as well. 


The shipping cost will be added at checkout to your order if not mentioned otherwise on our site. You can choose between the different delivery options that suit you the best that we have listed under “Shipping and delivery”. 

Please note that there might occur restrictions on the different delivery options depending on your delivery address and location. Also, the delivery time may vary depending on which option you choose. The expected delivery time is shown once placing your order at checkout and will also be displayed to you during the ordering process. Kindly note that delivery times are approximate and shouldn’t be interpreted as exact as delays in deliveries may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. If your order is significantly delayed, you will receive a separate message about it.  

We will make the delivery ready as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the order confirmation that we send by e-mail to you. Before delivery, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail detailing when and where your order will be picked up or received. 

Please note that, you are responsible for receiving or redeeming your order within the time frame specified in the delivery notice you receive from the courier partner you have chosen as the delivery option. Packages are primarily collected personally with valid identification and the order number you have received. Kindly notice that for orders that have not been picked up, we will charge a fee of 15 EUR as a handling cost of the order and for the return.