• Edly Helsinki, is a Scandinavian luxury indoor shoe brand, focused on slow fashion. The name Edly, comes from the founder, Katja’s two kids, to whom she is dedicating this brand to, in order to demonstrate that it is always important to follow your dreams and reach for the stars. 

    Edly Helsinki was founded in the end of 2021 and the first product, a luxurious indoor shoe was launched in fall 2022. The brand was established to meet the consumers need for luxurious, sustainable, and versatile indoor shoes that can be used regardless of the season or current trends. The indoor shoes are designed in Finland and manufactured in Spain. Edly Helsinki is currently a startup business with an intention to grow within our segment. The core of Edly Helsinki, is to create luxurious and sustainable slow-fashion indoor shoes with a modern and playful twist.

  • Many times, when visiting a friend’s house or guests, no shoes are allowed indoors. This makes any outfit look halfway made. After searching and searching for a stylish and comfortable indoor shoe, Katja found a market gap and recognized a demand. From that moment, Edly Helsinki was born and Katja was inspired to create a beautiful, stylish, and comfortable indoor shoe for women. Today, Edly Helsinki’s indoor shoes can be worn to dinner parties, the office, kid’s music classes, hotel breakfasts, or at home – basically anywhere where you want to look stylish and yet feel comfortable!


Hi, my name is Katja Serén.

Since a young age I have been drawn to fashion products and clothes and have followed on daily basis current fashion trends and news. I have also studied Fashion Business in Paris and worked in PR for almost a decade.

I identify myself, as a very creative and esthetic person, who pays extra attention to details. I wanted to create a luxurious indoor shoe brand that I can relate to and feel that does not exist on the market currently. 

My personal vision is to buy less and focus on quality rather than to embark on excessive shopping sprees. Edly Helsinki stands for long-lasting, sustainable and carefully made shoes, that can be used regardless of the season and trends while they are made to last a lifetime.